Dr. Roshni Daya, LL.B.; Ph.D.
Registered Psychologist

picThank you for your interest in the CITTA centre and the CITTA program. The development of the program occurred through people just like you struggling with life stuff and feeling stuck. As a psychologist, with over 20 years experience, working with clients from all over the word, I have learned that there are universal human struggles. Those universal human struggles are hidden within unique life stories. The art of counselling lies in your counsellor’s capacity to see what is really happening and engage you in a way that allows you to learn how to do the same. This is how you will become unlocked from what is holding you back from joy.
I believe that the counsellors at CITTA are gifted in just that talent. I have chosen each counsellor to join the CITTA team based on his/her capacity to care, see beyond the story, and have the skills to move you through your struggles.
My own life’s journey has taught me that the greatest freedom we feel comes from knowing our whole self and actualizing our potential. To live with ease, grace, and authenticity allows you to be kind, sensitive, caring, and true to yourself always, not just sometimes. My work with thousands of clients has confirmed that this is what all of us want. I have a creative and easy going manner that makes all of this feel achievable, no matter what the struggle is. I look forward to meeting you and helping you be in your world as your best possible you.


To schedule an appointment with Roshni, email her at roshni@cittacounselling.ca


Johanna Kalkreuth MOC , CCC
Registered Provisional Psychologist

JohannabigIt is my strong belief that regardless of where someone begins on their path to healing, the therapeutic relationship is an important context in which transformation occurs. My approach to counselling offers a safe and open environment in which this process can be fostered. I have found the strength and courage of human beings to affect change in their lives to be astounding. I am honoured to help others along this path.


Being present to you in session in a warm and easy-going way, I strive to meet you where you are now and offer day to day strategies as well as deeper explorations and reflections towards healing. I offer counselling for adults and families, as well as children and adolescents. Anxiety, depression, relationship issues, conflict, anger, frustration, parenting issues, and specific childhood and adolescent concerns are all invited into the counselling room in order to work through them together with authenticity and the inner strength, clarity and wisdom that I believe each human being has within them.


A Certified Canadian Counsellor, I am also a certified Simplicity Parenting Coach, have my Level II training with the Gordon Neufeld Institute, and am trained in equine facilitated mental health work through the North American Equine Facilitated Wellness Association (NAEFWA). I am a registered instructor with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH), and a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Level 4 Instructor. I also practice Spacial Dynamics ® Movement Therapy, and have studied Waldorf Collaborative Counselling, anthroposophy, meditation and mindfulness.


Equine Facilitated Counselling

As an alternative to the more traditional office-based counselling, I also offer Equine Facilitated Counselling (EFC). EFC sessions take place at a beautiful ranch northwest of Cochrane, where activities with the horses can include horse observation, grooming, groundwork and riding. These sessions are unique in the relationship and experiences that horses offer the counselling process. For example, many of the horses that we work with have gone through their own difficult experiences and have their own quirks, and people find great therapeutic benefit in witnessing these and relating it to their own story. Horses are also master teachers in their ability to reflect back to people their behaviours, thoughts and emotions as they arise in each moment. For example, attending to a horse requires practice in attention, empathy and boundary-setting, allowing for a natural cultivation of these capacities. Clients report that their experiences and reflections with the horses help carry them through their everyday lives.

Spacial Dynamics ® Movement Therapy

Movement is a huge part of everyday life. The way that we move our bodies and the space surrounding the body can be indicative of our emotional state and in turn affect our emotional state and behaviours. Spacial Dynamics® movement therapy works directly through movement and how we move our bodies and our space, and thereby addresses the patterns or traumas that we may be literally carrying with us day to day. How we carry ourselves and move affects both how we experience the world and how others in the world experience us. A simple mindful movement to expand the space around the body and move into it in a new way, for example, can significantly change a person’s experience of the world.


To schedule an appointment with Johanna, email her at johanna@cittacounselling.ca

Amy Jubb, R.Psych, CCAC
Registered Psychologist
Certified Canadian Addiction Counsellor

IMG_4919The path towards happiness, peace of mind and personal growth has many bumps, and at times it is beneficial to have someone walk that path with you to help you navigate the rough terrain. Knowing ourselves is the key to taking positive steps forward in life and making necessary changes. I provide a safe environment to allow you to explore the struggles you may be facing and help you connect with your inner wisdom, which will empower you to show up in your life and embrace your true self.

One of my specialty areas is addiction, and my experience in the field has helped me to understand that many people, whether they use substances or not, are in a state of craving something other than what they have, or resisting something that they do have. This understanding allows me to work with people dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

As a society we often seek comfort outside of ourselves when things get difficult, but true peace and happiness come from learning how to immerse ourselves in the present moment, rather than to distract ourselves from it. We can work together to provide tangible solutions and bring acceptance and serenity into your life no matter what struggles you may be facing.


To schedule an appointment with Amy, email her at amy@cittacounselling.ca or phone at: (403) 992-9617

Jennifer Langston, CPA, CMA, APC
Certified Coach

Success starts with You, the You that you are whether you are at home or at work. I use Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® and PSYCH-K® in a safe and non-judgmental environment to help you blossom into the person you are meant to be, within all your relationships, personal and professional. The science behind these tools transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking using powerful processes to change subconscious beliefs which control at least 95% of our day-to-day actions and decisions. Both techniques focus on using whole-brain techniques to find creative solutions to anything that may be blocking you from achieving your greatness.

To schedule an appointment with Jennifer, email her at jenn@cittacounselling.ca or phone at: (403) 470-5973

David Richardson

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADavid has been a student of ancient wisdom teachings and is a shamanic practitioner with many years of shamanic healing experience. He works with people who are on their individual and collective journeys to bring wholeness and healing to their life.

David has studied shamanism for over ten years. His mentor is Jose Luis Herrera of the Rainbow Jaguar Institute and Andean Research Institute, in both North America and in Peru, South America. He has undergone rites of passage (Pampa Masyuk Rites, Alto Masyuk Rites and the Kurakakuyak initiation) in the high Andes. His studies have taken him into the jungle of the Amazon to work with the Jaguar Shaman (Ayahuasca Ceremonies), to high altitudes on mountain journeys to experience the way of the Pacos (medicine people who support the people of the land) and into the dark rooms where he learns from collective Apus (Mountain Spirits – Masculine) and Sante Tierras (Earth Spirits -Feminine).

David has also studied in person with Karen Duncan (a Jungian psychotherapist and shaman), and on-line with Sandra Ingerman (author, shaman, educator).

David has two degrees from the University of Alberta; a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Physical Education. David is also a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® with the designation of ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the International Coach Federation, and a Moving On After Divorce workshop facilitator. In addition, David is a Karuna & Usui Reiki Master through Mount Royal University.

To schedule an appointment with David, email him at david@cittacounselling.ca or phone at: (403) 804-8432.

Michele Gole

Michele GoleAfter years of going through the motions and living in survival mode, I asked myself the question, Who Am I? The answers, of course, were all the labels that describe who I am to other people! But I wondered who I really was at my core, and what was my purpose? Those thoughts were the beginning of a full time re-creation of myself, including a career change, as I delved into the concept of consciousness and conscious parenting. During this time, I completed the course work with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), discovered the joy and freedom of looking internally (no more blaming), the surrender of accepting suffering (because it’s always there in one form or another), and the necessity of modelling an authentic life to my children. I am a student of Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s work in the field of Conscious Parenting and recognize that I will continue to be a lifelong learner as the journey and awakening to consciousness never ends.

My speciality as a CTI CoActive Coach, is in working together with clients toward consciousness in order to uncover a truly fulfilling and authentic life. An additional passion lies in the teachings of Conscious Parenting in order to deepen the parent-child relationship and help prevent children from losing themselves to parental and societal expectations, labels and constructs. My training, combined with my experiences parenting my three children, and my genuine desire for children to know and live in their own inherent worth, will provide a safe place for clients to explore an alternate way of being with their children.

I look forward to working together to create a more authentic, conscious life for you and for your children.

To schedule an appointment with Michele, email her at michele@cittacounselling.ca

Cheryl Sawatzky

CherylI believe that people come into each other’s lives for a reason, and I have learned so much from the people I have worked with and met through the years. With over 12 years experience working with children and families in various roles including social work, youth services and counselling, program development, group and individual work, and domestic violence outreach, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta, I have had many experiences that have shaped me and taught me how to be effective in working with people. I have worked with many beautiful people and I feel honoured to have had the privilege of hearing their stories and earning their trust.

At times, we can feel stuck, overwhelmed and tired. Simple decisions can be paralyzing. We can lose sight of who we are and what truly matters to us. We doubt ourselves and our intuition. We don’t feel at peace. I can gently work with you to get to know and value yourself, develop your self-worth, learn to trust in yourself, and find joy. Helping people move forward brings me joy. I create an open, warm, calm space to talk and share ideas and listen to the quiet voice whispering inside. I would love to meet you and work with you to create joy and peace in your life.

To schedule an appointment with Cheryl please email cheryl@cittacounselling.ca or phone (403) 400-0159

Carmen Wilde
Grief Practitioner

Michele GoleMy practice is based on the premise that grief is not a problem to be solved but rather an energy awaiting witnessing and an invitation to move deeper into ourselves. In my work I hold space for the sorrow of others and am at home in the territory of deep emotion. Every one of us is walking through the world carrying the heaviness of grief and very few of us have a place to take it. Whether grief has visited you through the death of a loved one or a life loss such as miscarriage, divorce, illness, or the end of a relationship, working with me will provide you with new ways to witness, hold, and process your sorrow.

My soulful approach to this healing work stems from my own journey with grief and loss. In 2006 my infant son was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition and I found myself deep in the waters of grief without the support I needed. I began to explore the landscape of grief and immersed myself in studying the tools required to tend to our life losses in healthy and healing ways. It is my intention to offer people the practices that helped alleviate my suffering, open my heart and bring me into deeper relationship with myself and all of life.

In addition to my training in grief support I hold a degree in Child & Family Psychology and am also a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant. My compassionate presence and my capacity to offer hospitality to the most vulnerable parts in people will allow you to tend to your grief and ultimately rediscover your vitality and joy. I look forward to supporting you on your path.

To schedule an appointment with Carmen please email carmen@carmenwilde.ca