Thera-coaching is a great option for people who want to work through the obstacles to reaching their goals. We often set goals for ourselves and struggle with keeping ourselves on track. Deep patterning stands in the way. The therapeutic aspect of this work unravels the problematic patterns. You will learn how to provide yourself with the love and support you need to access your potential. The negative self talk and inner voice of criticism will finally fade away.


1. I am great as setting goals and working at them for a few weeks. Why can’t I keep myself on track?

You are able to step outside of your negative patterns for a few weeks through the use of your willpower. Willpower can only be used in short durations because it results in emotional exhaustion. Soon you are tired and then the harmful emotional and behavioural patterning that has been developed since you were quite young takes over. This patterning leads you to think, act, and feel a certain way that interferes with goal achievement.

2. I feel so lost. I know I should set a goal, but I don’t even know how to figure out what it should be.

That sounds like either an experience of overwhelm or shut down. In both cases you have lost your connection with yourself. The thera-coaching process will help you to uncover the way that you have lost contact with your own thoughts and feelings and work to establish that inner connection before setting a goal.

3. I am good at setting goals and achieving them, but no matter how successful I am, I still fell empty.

You have spent a lot of time and energy seeking personal fulfillment outside of yourself. Some of the goals you have set and achieved may not have even been the right ones for you. The goal setting might have been driven by financial reward or status. The Thera-Coaching process for you will be focused on uncovering the patterning that led you outside of yourself. We will face the emotional blocks within yourself that stand between you and joy was well as you and inner peace.

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