Most people can relate to having a very busy mind. For almost every person, this busy mind runs a negative narrative. It tells us stories about our own inadequacies. It provides us with details about worries and fears about the future. It will often tell us negative things about others, or the world in general. The worst thing about the negative inner voice is not it’s negativity, but that it is never quiet. The voice never seems to run out of things to say and often repeats the same things over and over. One of the most painful things about life is the effect that this inner voice has on you and your experience of life. It is difficult to experience joy amidst the constant negative chatter.


The CITTA counselling program will allow you to move beyond incessant thinking. While most counselling provides strategies to cope with the problem of negative thinking, the CITTA program will guide you to a different experience of life. Einstein said that a problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem. Negative thinking cannot be combatted with positive thinking. It is too tiring to engage in a constant inner thought battle.


The CITTA solution lies at a level beyond thinking itself. You will discover the root of the negative thinking and be taught how to disengage from the inner chatter. You will experience moments of inner stillness and mental clarity. As this occurs, you will begin to experience yourself and your life from a place of inner peace. The CITTA program moves you from mental busyness and mental fogginess to mental clarity and stillness. When your experience of yourself changes, your experience of life changes.

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