What is a Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and way of life – how to connect with nature and all of creation. Shamans work in the spiritual world to promote personal and collective healing.


Why Shamanism?

Shamanism is a practice that enables the individual to engage in energetic dialogue with spirit. The original reason that I became interested in shamanism, its practice, rituals, and techniques, was to help myself shift out of a frozen emotional state that I was in while going through my divorce.
At the time of my divorce, I had shut down my emotions; one of my avoidance patterns was to become numb, not feeling, not engaging. I was very anxious; self-doubt and a lack of confidence were driving me into a place of emptiness. My son was 5 years old, and I realized that I didn’t want to raise him in an environment where love couldn’t be expressed. I couldn’t feel or allow my heart to open to the love, laughter and joy that this beautiful little boy brought into the world.
I began my journey to learn about myself, my patterns and the re-occurring themes that expressed themselves throughout my life. This awareness led me to my “a-hah” moment, I realized that these belief patterns also showed up in my marriage. I had to take responsibility for my part in our failed marriage and look in the mirror for the very first time to really see what my adapted self-looked like. I wanted to change and create a better life for myself and my son. The search for happiness, joy and love became my motivation for discovering my-self and creating a better life.
My search for meaning and love took me to explore many healing modalities. I sought counselling, workshops on meditation, yoga and shamanism. Each modality gave me insights and healing. I found shamanism provided me with a direct channel, enabling me to face those demons (themes and adapted behaviours) that haunted me.
Contemporary Shamanism enabled me to come face to face with those themes and behaviours, some obvious and some hidden from me, that were constantly showing up in my life. Embracing the practice of shamanism became part of my journey, my quest for becoming a better me and my shift towards higher consciousness.
My life purpose now is to help others release the patterns that no longer serve them and increase their vibration to help them achieve a higher state of consciousness and awareness.


How can a shamanic session help you?

You may have lost your power resulting in sadness, depression, a chronic aliment or through a series of unfortunate events. Shamanic journeying is a way to re-establish personal power and bring clarity in life back to you, maybe for the first time in years.
You may have experienced an emotional or physical trauma, like a car accident, abuse, divorce, the death of someone close to you, or something jarring that shocked you. These traumas or events may have caused the loss of a piece of your essence. In shamanic terms we call this soul loss. This loss can prevent us from having healthy relationships with ourselves and with others. Together we will journey to track and bring back the essential piece of you (soul piece) that is always held for you by Mother Earth, waiting to return.
Often, as a result of soul loss or the loss of power, we take on other’s negativity or may find blockages within our own body resulting in the lessening of our life force energy. Together we will perform an illumination to find the blockages within your light body. We then clear the blockages or remove the non-beneficial energy from your field so that you begin to regain balance within your life.
Working with a shaman does not replace the need for support from medical or psychological professionals. A shaman does provide an opportunity for you to explore and discover a more passionate and meaningful life. Shamanic healing works for you at the soul and energetic level, resulting in a shift you may feel on a physical, emotional and/or spiritual level.
While results are never guaranteed, your participation in your own healing journey is crucial. What is really important to understand when pursuing any avenue of self-discovery is that you must be willing to engage in personal work to restore balance and harmony in your life.