Relationships can be complex. We seem to have trouble living with them and without them. Many people find that they lose themselves when in a relationship. They seem to have trouble holding on to an individual sense of self and find themselves changing to accommodate the other person. Others find that they don’t give enough of themselves when in a relationship. Though both long for a deep, meaningful connection, both participate in negative patterning that keeps them stuck in old and dysfunctional thoughts, behaviours, and emotions.


Transform your Relational Style

Counselling can help you achieve the type of relationship you would like to have. You will become aware of the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that prevent you from being your authentic self. As you learn to bring acceptance and love to yourself the saying, “You cannot love someone else, until you love yourself” will take on it’s real meaning. You will learn how to bring the you that you know and like into the relationship.


Getting Through a Loss or Breakup

The ending of a relationship can be hard. It can leave you feeling angry, resentful, lost, confused, and rejected. Many people find it difficult to work through these emotions. Sometimes you only realize how hurt are when you are having trouble in the next relationship.
Counselling can help you work through the painful emotions of a loss or break-up. Equally important, counselling can assist you in uncovering your role in the relationship not working. You want to find your best whole self in order to create a fulfilling life for yourself moving forward.


Choosing the Right Partner

Some people find themselves in a pattern of choosing the wrong type of person time and again. They feel stuck inside a cycle of eternity, knowing that they are making poor choices and yet unable to do anything else. Very strong and deep negative beliefs about yourself are guiding your poor decisions without you even knowing it. Perhaps you still feel like the unpopular girl you were at 14 instead of the beautiful 29 yearly you have grown into. Perhaps you remember being rejected in the past and unconsciously expect that to happen so you engage in relationship waiting for that to happen again. Counselling will help you uncover the ways in which you are against yourself, release whatever you are holding within and move into a positive whole space so that you can create the loving relationship you deserve.


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