Few parents are prepared for the challenges that come with raising children. Despite thinking we might be prepared, most parents find that one or more of their children force them to grow in ways that they had never imagined. Sometimes we turn to books that promise answers. It seems that no books hold the solutions specific to the struggles you are experiencing with your child.


The parent coaching program at CITTA is unlike other ways of looking at parenting. Instead of looking outside of ourselves for the answers to our parenting struggles we are guided inward. Children respond to presence, love, and patience – three attributes we all aspire to feel and hold in relation to our child. Three attributes we all struggle with as people and even more so as parents.


You know your child best. By working through the personal obstacles to presence, love, and patience in relation to your child you will embody each of those attributes. This will allow you to tap into your inner wisdom – the place in which you know what your child needs from you.


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