Children and adolescents experience the same types of thoughts and feelings as adults. At times those thoughts and feelings get overwhelming and feel difficult to navigate. Due to developmental reasons, children and adolescents have more difficulty describing, and expressing their emotional experience than adults do. They may know they feel worried or afraid, but not really know why. They may feel sad and not know how to talk about their feelings. Sometimes children and adolescents feel that their parents or other relatives simply won’t understand their thoughts sf feelings. This makes them reluctant to talk about their inner experience with people they know.


The opportunity of counselling for your child or teen can provide the missing link. Children and adolescents will have the opportunity to express their inner experience in a safe way that will support them in working through their struggles. The gap between the child/adolescent and the parents will also be bridged as the young person and the parents learn communication skills that will increase understanding and closeness.

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