Anger is a normal emotion that is often denied. Many people struggle with admitting to themselves and others that they feel angry. Sometimes this is because they think that they shouldn’t feel angry. Other times it is because people are afraid that they will ‘explode’ if they acknowledge the anger within.


Are there times when your relationship with anger results in explosions or saying things you regret? Sometimes people throw things or hurt people that they love. There may be a feeling of constant low grade anger that colours all of life with a general negativity. Many people don’t know why they are angry or how they got to be so angry. They seem to feel trapped inside anger, unable to find a way out.


If any of these experiences are happening to you, you may want to get some counselling to resolve the anger that seems to be ruining your life. Admitting that you have a problem with anger is a difficult thing to do. The counsellors at CITTA are compassionate about the pain of anger and understand that you feel stuck inside that emotion. We will guide you through the anger to allow you to experience what is beneath it until you come to a more whole sense of yourself. We understand that the anger you struggle with developed as a way to survive life, even if you don’t remember what you were surviving. We know that within you, you long to be free from the shackles of anger. Through counselling you will learn how to work through the anger, access your more authentic self, and communicate from that place.

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