Since we first opened our doors in 2002, we are proud to be an integral part of the Calgary community. Based in the heart of of the city in Bridgeland, our office is in a century old house that itself has evolved and grown over time.

Dr. Roshni Daya founded the CITTA centre and developed the CITTA program through thousands of hours of client observations and insights. Though each individual story is unique, there are feelings and experiences within each journey that relate to universal themes. The CITTA program is able to identify those themes quickly and efficiently while honouring your personal story and struggles. This allows the therapeutic work and process of change to occur more quickly.

Why Choose CITTA

The CITTA program has been developed in a creative and easy going manner, while taking the work of inner growth seriously. By breaking the process of change into small steps, transformation is achievable. We provide many practical tips and strategies, along with deeper insights into your challenges. You will leave sessions not only understanding yourself better, but also having substantial tools to live your life with ease and grace.

Comfort, Care, Privacy

We want you to feel comfortable and cared for, while you embark on the counselling process. Our unique space is designed to put you at ease in a casual and professional environment. We know that the commitment to make changes is difficult and we have designed an environment and program that will support you in every way that we can.

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