CITTA is a counselling center focused on improving you
– not just your situation.

The fast pace and challenges of life are difficult to navigate. Calgarians are affected by significant work stressors and the challenges of meeting family needs as the city grows. Many of the challenges we face seem to be outside of our control and the demands of daily life can make it difficult for us to step back and reflect. We know that something needs to change, but often have trouble seeing what that is or how to implement changes that we do become aware of.

The counselling through the CITTA program will facilitate your growth on many levels. We know that focusing your sense of happiness or inner peace on your life situation leaves you feeling powerless. This is why the CITTA program focuses on you. We want to help you see how your negative patterning is playing a significant role in how you experience your life situation.

We will engage you in a process that will give you the tools to transform yourself. At CITTA we are not about coping, we are about thriving, blossoming, and actualizing your authentic self. Give yourself the opportunity to get the most out of your life and relationships.

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How do you solve life’s biggest challenges?

The counselling at Citta will guide you through life’s challenges, big and small. You will learn your role in the creation of these challenges and be provided with transformational tools. Instead of “getting through” the challenges, you will “transform through” them.

Is CITTA right for you?

Being the best version of you isn’t always easy – most people find professional guidance to be an invaluable resource. You might consider CITTA if you are…

  • Longing to experience more happiness and fulfillment
  • Eager to access the inner potential you know is within
  • Not satisfied with simply “getting by” in life
  • Looking to achieve or gain more of what life has to offer
  • Interested in understanding yourself better and more deeply
  • Wanting more enjoyable and fulfilling relationships
“I can use these tools to support my changes every day”

The world awaits you as a CITTA client


Life doesn’t have to be a struggle

CITTA is an ancient Buddhist word meaning “Mind-Heart Consciousness” – signifying that, in order to move forward in life in a whole and integrated way, our hearts and minds must be aligned.

Though your life may currently seem to be filled with worries, tensions, and conflicts, your opportunity to obtain clarity of the mental and emotional patterns that are at the core of your current struggles is available to you in every moment.

It is time to free yourself of the patterns and habits that are preventing the experiences of peace and joy from naturally arising within.

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